Natural Workshop is a small Brooklyn-based company dedicated to creating timeless objects for outdoor and indoor environments. Inspired by classic design, each piece conveys a unique sensibility through the use of natural materials and their interaction that play with one another. The style and craftsmanship reflected in our collection will enhance space and continue to be appreciated by future generations to come.


Collective Design Fair - March 9th - 11th at Skylight Clarkson North

Brook Landscape and Jesse Seegers collaborate on an oasis desert landscape populated by an ethereal environment of inhabitable inflatable spaces. Creating an air of mystery followed by passage through a dream-like space of ineffable tranquility, attendees are invited to question assumptions about comfort, familiarity with human constructions, and the inevitable collision with all things natural. Furnishings by Natural Workshop provide moments of respite and an opportunity to reflect on environmental fragility and our relationship to natural materials and landscapes.

Photo Credit: Tyler Abell